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In every mandate, quality-improving and time-saving potentials remain untapped. A lack of knowledge management leads to sometimes exorbitantly high communication and training costs and bears the risk of qualitative fluctuations in the mandate work. Often, the client partner or managing director lacks a simple structured overview of the entire mandate.

These problems can be solved by using legal tech software. Individual work processes are fully or partially automated to achieve an increase in efficiency and quality of legal work.

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Customized software for complex challenges

We know the challenges of large-scale legal projects and mass proceedings. Through the targeted use of individual software, we help our customers to make process flows more efficient, to facilitate communication work and knowledge management, and at the same time to minimize repetitive work. Our software tools improve and accelerate the communication between the lawyers involved in a mandate, the work of the individual lawyer in the mandate and the lawyer's communication with the client. They also facilitate control and overview of the overall mandate.

knowledge management

A centralized, standardized knowledge database maintained by all actors involved in the mandate forms the basis of all subsequent processes in the areas of automation and communication. Quality fluctuations of individual employees and high communication and training efforts are effectively prevented.

Document creation

With the help of the software tool we use for automated document creation, your employees and our project lawyers can create all documents required in the mandate (pleadings, duplicates, etc.) based on a centrally controlled knowledge database that is built within the current mandate.


Our dashboards, tailored to your individual needs, provide a quick overview and control of the entire mandate without losing focus in the details. We work with them to develop the right metrics for this interface. As a result, you, your staff and our project lawyers always have an overview of the overall structure and current work status of the mandate.


In addition to the preparation of pleadings, other process steps (the reading of documents, the use of data rooms, etc.) can be automated that cannot be individually billed to the client in the mandate. By reducing this non-billable administrative effort, you gain competitive advantages over your competitors around and in a mandate.

Think digital

Legal work in harmony with IT

Legal Tech means simplifying legal work, minimizing repetitive work, raising quality standards and improving dynamic knowledge management in the mandate, through the targeted use of IT solutions.

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