Mobility is our passion

"Our products and projects combine two passions. On the one hand, the dedication in the development of software solutions for unique problems, and on the other hand, the joy of mobility concepts of all kinds.
We advise, accompany and develop mobility solutions especially for rental companies, car dealerships, OEM's and companies with special demands on fleet management.
Our ambition is to develop holistic solutions that fully cover the challenges of new forms of mobility as well as opportunities of digitalization."

- Robin Panske, founder and CEO

Projects and Solutions

The sustainable successful management of the current complex challenges in mobility can only be achieved through an integrated holistic transformation. We offer competent solutions for a wide variety of application areas based on many years of experience.


Digital, automated and contactless rental concepts are gaining more and more importance, especially in the current times. Software solutions are not only used internally, but must also be made available to customers.

Car Dealerships and Workshops

The operation, management and planning of a fleet of vehicles, as well as the organization of test drives and the workshop vehicle replacement business are challenges that require structured and holistic solutions.

Mobility Service Providers

The relationship with one's own vehicle is undergoing a challenging transformation from ownership to service. Software is playing an unprecedentedly decisive role in this transformation, both in the vehicle and in the context as a whole.

Fleet Management

Electric vehicles in particular require intelligent fleet management, as well as real-time monitoring of all parameters. Predictive fleet operation is indispensable and can only be guaranteed by uncompromising software.

Think digital

Mobility in Harmony with IT and Innovation

We bring new mobility concepts into a necessary unity with the possibilities of digitalization. We focus on all the players in an application: customers, employees, vehicles.

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Start-up from Iserlohn: An app for electric cars

With his start-up RechargedCars, founder Robin Panske is digitizing the rental process for electric cars.

[...] The total of six developers of "RechargedCars" are tackling these problems, offering rental companies software that completely digitizes the process of renting, and also giving the renters of the cars an app to make the rental process and electric mobility easier and more understandable. For example, the app can be used to handle all rental processes, from payment to submission of required documents such as driver's licenses and ID cards. Even the car can be unlocked via the app. [...]

IKZ-online, 04.01.2021