Customized store systems and product management

Ready-made store systems are an integral part of today's e-commerce. However, the available systems do not always meet all the requirements for one's own online store. Available extensions are sometimes no longer further developed, or maintained. Also special cases such as the renting and the rental of products, can be represented with standard software mostly not vollumpfänglich.

We extend existing, or develop own Shopsysteme after your desires and requirements. Here we place particular emphasis on the areas of product presentation, customer journey, payment options and integrability, in order to optimally present and promote your products or services.

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Customized Payment Processing

Digital payment processing is the core component of any digital business model. Without robust, secure and flexible payment processing, no revenue can be booked.

We offer integration and customization of established payment service providers into new, or existing systems. In addition, we combine payment processing with our own product information and store systems to offer your customers a holistic shopping experience.

Mainly, we work with the payment service providers Stripe, PayPal and SecuPay. We also extend these solutions with options for cash payments, individual invoicing and our own customer journey.

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Dashboards and Controlling

A dashboard is a visual representation of key information about a product or service, consolidated and arranged on a single screen so that information can be monitored at a glance. In addition, the dashboard offers the direct possibility to intervene in processes and control business management procedures.

Our dashboards, tailored to your individual needs, provide a quick overview and control of the entire application area without losing focus in the details. We work with you to develop the right key figures for this interface. As a result, you and your staff will always have an overview of the overall structure and current work status of the deployment area.

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