Our product modules

The right solution for every rental problem. Our product modules enable us to deliver individualized software quickly and result-oriented. In addition, all modules are compatible with each other, so that extensions can be introduced effortlessly.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - The App

The App

Our app is the heart of automated car rental and customer interaction.

Our app offers among other things for you and your customers:

  • Booking and payment processing
  • Automated user verification
  • Virtual key transfer
  • Vehicle position and battery status
  • Chat and Support
  • Navigation and Load Management
  • Redeem vouchers

We offer our app under the brand "RechargedCars" and as a whitelabel solution.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - The Dashboard

The Dashboard

The command center of your rental business. Effortless management with a few clicks.

The dashboard offers among other things the following functions for you:

  • Vehicle and fleet management
  • Customer management
  • Booking Overview
  • Creation of evaluations
  • Advertising of offers and actions
  • Customer chat and send notifications
  • Finance and Accounting

Our dashboard is the central interface of our solutions and therefore a requirement for some modules.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - Booking system

Booking system

With our booking solutions you can rent any vehicle.

  • Intuitive booking solutions and fast processing
  • Payment management and automatic invoicing
  • Suitable for Car-Sharing systems up to long term rentals

Offer your customers a modern and simple solution to book and pay for your vehicles.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - Payment & Accounting

Payment & Accounting

Offer your customers uncomplicated and modern payment methods.

  • More than ten payment methods mobile and available on the web
  • Automatic billing for your customers
  • Integrated accounting and export via .csv

Just book your sales, we will take care of the rest.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - User verification

User verification

Get to know your customers safely and automatically.

  • Automatically verify your customers driver's license and identity card
  • Highest security standards at EU banking level
  • Maximum fraud prevention through innovative, multi-stage processes

Verify automatically if your customers are suitable for your vehicles.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - Vehicle connectivity

Vehicle connectivity

Digitalize your existing vehicle fleet, make your rental digital.

  • Find out where the vehicle is currently located
  • Keep vehicle parameters such as battery charge and daily mileage in view
  • Learn about how your vehicles are really used through analysis

We make your vehicles digital. Keep an eye on all parameters in real time.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - Customer loyalty and interaction

Customer loyalty and interaction

Interact with your customers in real-time and build customer loyalty.

  • Send notifications about offers to the cell phone of your customers
  • Chat with your customers if you have questions or problems
  • Assistance with the use of e-vehicles through our app

Easily notify your customers about upcoming offers and promotions, or assist them with questions.

RechargedCars GmbH - Products - Navigation and charging points

Navigation and charging points

The possibility for your customers to plan trips and find loading points.

  • Route planning and navigation under consideration of the battery charge
  • Display of suitable charging stations for the booked vehicle
  • Notification if the battery charge drops below a limit

Minimize the downtime of your vehicles and reward your customers for loading.

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